Spy Camera Motion Activated, the best Surveillance Spy Camera!

Main function: Spy Camera + Digital Video Recorder.
This surveillance Spy Camera detects motion and records video/takes pictures automatically. The Spy Camera Motion Activated can also be set to manually record to provide maximum flexibility. Pictures are stored in the internal memory or SD card for later retrieval and inspection on either TV (monitor) or computer. Video is shot in a 10 second clip, long enough to get some decent footage but short enough to conserve memory. This Spy Camera Motion Activated is perfect to maintain maximum security over a fixed area for a specific period of time.


Buy this Spy Camera Motion Activated

Buy this Spy Camera Motion Activated

Spy Camera Motion Activated

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  • Automatically take photos/record instantly on detection of movement
  • Internal Storage: flash card of 16MB
  • Internal Flash Memory will store about 230 images or 50 video clips
  • Supports up to 2G SD Card
  • Record Time: Every recording time 10 seconds
  • Video memory First in, First out, for endless recording and re recording
  • Supports both NTSC and PAL input- (output will be same colour system as camera)
  • Supports CCD or CMOS
  • The format of picture is JPEG, and the format of video is AVI
  • Has the simple operation screen, no need to install software
  • Motion Spy Camera Dimensions: 120 x 110 x 25mm (L x W x T)
  • Supply Voltage: DC5V

  • Manufacturer and Origin: China

    Price $109.00 US
    Buy this Spy Camera Motion Activated

  • Package Contents:
  • One Spy Camera Motion Activated
  • Manual
  • One Power Adapter
  • One shooting control cable
  • One video cable
  • Buy this Spy Camera Motion Activated

    Buy this Spy Camera Motion Activated Buy this Spy Camera Motion Activated

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